“The important and difficult job is never to find the right answers, it is to find the right questions. For there are few things as useless—if not dangerous—as the right answer to the wrong question.” — Peter Drucker

Results matter. There is a plethora of ways to deliver results, and every project, situation, and client is unique. But what matters are the results. Hard work, finding what fits, and blending people, techniques, and technology to deliver results is what drives me.

My goal is to provide imaginative leadership to an organization; to propose, close and deliver visionary technology solutions to clients that solve their most strategic challenges; to promote and apply digital technologies that disrupt traditional thinking and enable new business models; to create simplicity and elegance in design, process, and delivery; to drive innovative solution development from initial conception through delivery to market success.

Ω Strong leader and consultant with deep technical background
Ω Skilled at combining focused talented people with technology to drive growth in the enterprise

☀ Mark Kirstein, VP of Engineering at Dexterra said of Jeff, “…he understands the finer details on what it means to truly ship software…possesses a unique ability to take something from idea or conception to proof point to implementation.”

☀ Kathy Potosnak, Engineering Manager at Aldus said of Jeff, “…he is easy-going, competent…never seemed flustered…met deadlines, and delivered results…very easy to get along with and confident.”


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